Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunday Breakfast - Nasi Lemak

My breakfast today is a simple asian/Malaysian dish called Nasi Lemak.
The rice is cooked in 3 tablespoon coconut milk, water, salt and pandan leaves (screwpine leaf).
The anchovies is cook dry in little bit of olive oil until crunchy.
The egg is hard boiled.
The spicy sambal is cooked with belacan (dried shrimp paste), green and red cherry hot peppers, onion, salt,sugar and chopped lemongrass.

For my honey I cooked sunny side up with buttered toast. I find it more difficult to cook sunny side up egg than the scramble egg. I have to make sure that the white egg doesn't turn into hard and rubbery egg. Luckily, today his sunny side up turned out perfect. I use clean non stick or teflon pan with 3 tablespoon butter. The electric stove is turn on at medium high. I let the butter melted. Then gently I crack the 2 eggs in the pan. I then turn the heat to medium. I watched until the egg white turned opaque. Turn off the heat. Gently lift the egg into the serving plate.

This spicy sambal is cooked with belacan. I found belacan, made in Thailand packed in a closed tub or container and doesn't release too strong shrimp paste smell in my fridge.
15 red and green cherry bomb hot peppers.
2 teaspoons belacan ( shrimp paste)
4 shallots
2 tablespoon chopped lemongrass
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
4 tablsepoon olive oil
Cut the cherry pepers into half. Remove the seed.
Dice shallots.
In a blender or food processor, blend peppers, shallots and lemongrass.
In a big pot, heat olive oil.
Add in the blended peppers, shallots and lemongrass and belacan.
Let it cook on low heat until oil start to come to the suface. Add salt and sugar.
Turn off the heat.
Remove the head and wash the anchovies. Pat dry. In non stick skillet, heat the pan and add anchovies. Use low heat and let the anchovies cook. Make sure you turn on the stove fan and open the window. The smell is very strong when cooking belacan or anchovies.

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  1. Your nasi lemak looks great. my hubby also doesnt like his white egg turn into hard and rubbery egg.. have to be careful with his eggs.. Lol!!!!

  2. Dhill, the spicy sambal belacan was really good. Everyday I brought a big scoop at work and when I heat it up at lunch time, the smell was really awesome. Hehehehe.

    lilmizlynn, thanks. Yes, you've got that right. We do have to be careful with their eggs or they might send it back to our kitchen and yapping the whole day. Just like last night, his steak has to be medium rare but I purposely cook it a little bit more so that I can cut the filet mignon part for myself. Too bad, he took the best part first and send the rest back to my kitchen.:-(

  3. salam kak Zu,

    Hi I'm here to visit U. Dah lama tak ke sini. I read your message in my 'Maruku' entry. Sory ye to kept you waiting for the recipe. Updated this morning :)

  4. Salam kak Zue.....

    Tak pernah la saya buat nasi lemak ni...beli ja senang citer...takpa2 nanti saya pun nak cuba buat la....

  5. Shafidah Shamen, No problem. Bila bila pun you can visit me here.

    3E, Memang senang beli di kedai. Merata kedai ada jual kan.

  6. I am so glad to have found you while surfing the web. I would like your permission to use your recipes. Where did you get your pandan leaves-the frozen kind or fresh from your garden? I saw agar agar recipe, when you refer to agar agar is that the long strip that comes in two in a package or agar agar in powder form. Pls advice. Thanks