Thursday, October 08, 2009

Spicy Tempeh

I like soy product. One of my favorite fermented soy is tempeh. I am glad I can buy tempeh at regular grocery store here in the US easily. Earlier, I stop at Giant thinking of getting more tempeh since I have used the last one this morning for this spicy tempeh. Unfortunately, the tempeh they sell are all bad. Tempeh should be in beige color and not black. I'll go to the other Giant the next time.
I remember how delicious Gertrude cook her spicy tempeh. So, I am trying to re-create the taste in this recipe. I think I am successful although this recipe is not hot. I am using my roasted cherry bomb hot pepper which is not hot at all. I blend the roasted hot peppers without the seeds. Maybe that is why the blended peppers is not hot.
1 packet of tempeh
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 shallot
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
2 tablespoons blended hot peppers
1 tablespoon sugar
a pinch salt
The method to cook this spicy tempeh is very important.
Dice the tempeh into smaller pieces.
In a big pot or wok, heat the olive oil on medium high. You may use any cooking oil you like.
Add in the tempeh. Stir for 2 minutes.
Add shallot. I just cut it half and then slice it thinly.
Stir well. By now, turn your stove to medium low.
Add Worcestershire sauce.
Add hot peppers.
There will be a lot of splatter from the grease. That is why I like to use a big pot.
Add salt.
Add sugar. It is important to dash in some sugar when you cook with hot peppers.
Stir for another 3 minutes or until the peppers dry.
Lastly, add garlic. Garlic has to be added at the end so that we will not get a burnt garlic. Burnt garlic is bitter.
Stir for a minute. Turn off the stove.
Serve warm.
You can eat this spicy tempeh just like that or eat it as a side dish to your rice and meat.
For me, I had this spicy tempeh with rice porridge. Yummy!


  1. Zue, the tempe here memang have black spots on it. If you read the packaging it's written there the tempe will have black spots. The one I bought from Wegman is the same too.

  2. Gert, I went back to Giant today but could not see the statement. Looks like the tempeh has been shuffled. Other people probably is checking on it too.

  3. Zue,can you believe ,asian store in NYC don't sell tempeh!! I look left and right ,high and low at all the asian store but none sell tempeh!!! memang marah ni!!

  4. Beachlover, same here. The asian store don't sell tempeh. But the regular American store sell it. I can buy tempeh from Giant, Wegman or WEIS. But a bit pricy. One packet is around $3.99 at giant. And I never see them sell it at buy one get one free. :-(