Friday, August 14, 2009

Fried Bihun in Yellow Tomato

I stopped by at the farmer's market on my way home from work today. The weather was hot although the sky was shaded by clouds. The weather has been sticky these past few days. Despite the hot weather, I managed to walk to all of the farmer's table. Almost every farmer is selling watermelon. They are huge and cheap too. Some cost only $4 for one giant watermelon.
I bought some eggplants - 2 for $1, kale - one bunch is only $1, potatoes - a quart basket cost $1.25 and a bushel of hot cherry peppers for $5. I was about to leave the farmer's market when I saw this beautiful and delicious red hot peppers.
I fell in love with this hot peppers when I cook anchovies sambal last year. It cost me only $5 for this huge plastic bag. It weight more than 10lbs. I am going to blend them and store them in my freezer.
Ingredients needed for this simple fried noodle recipe are:
1/2 packet of rice stick noodle. (Soak it in cold water for about 10 minutes)
1 medium size shallot
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
2 red hot cherry peppers
2 big lemon boy tomato (Any yellow tomato which is less acidic content)
1/4 cup dried anchovies
1 egg
1 tablespoon fish sauce
2 tablespoon oyster sauce
Salt and ground black pepper to taste
Dice shallot small.
Dice red cherry peppers the same size as the onion.
In a big skillet, heat on medium high 3 tablespoon olive oil.
Saute shallot, cherry peppers until lightly brown.
Add anchovies and let it cook for 1 minute.
Then add chopped garlic. Stir.
Add chopped tomato that you seeded and removed the juice.
Cook until tomato is tender.
Then add egg. Stir.
Add fish sauce and oyster sauce.
Seasoned with salt and pepper.
Lastly, add noodle.
Coat evenly and cook until the rice stick is cooked.
Turn off the stove and serve warm.

The yellow tomato use in this recipe give a little less sourish taste. If you do not have yellow tomato, refrain yourself from using the regular red tomato unless you like your fried noodle on the sourish flavor.


  1. Hi Zue. How are you. Wow things are really cheap over there...!...Roz

  2. Zue, I love those hot peppers too but you have to be careful. They can be really spicy :) I like roasting it together with my chicken and it turn out really sweet and sometimes I just stuff it with my meat and roast it in the oven.

  3. Hi Roz,
    how's your baby doing? She is adorable just like the mom. This farmer's market sell their own homegrown produce. No middle man here. I think that is why they can sell it at really a good price. Their produce are so good looking too. I was tempted to buy corn and other type of chili but had to control myself. I am the only one who will eat at the house. I hate seeing food go to waste.

  4. Gert, good idea to roast it with meat. I will try it. Thanks.

  5. Geramnya tengok cili satu plastik bag besar tu... Tapi cili tu tak pedas kan Zue?

  6. Hi Zue,

    I love fried bihun, including bihun goreng ikan bilis sold at the Mamak stalls.

    You blend your own chilli sauce / paste? My maternal grandmother used to do this before she passed away. I find that commercially sold chilli paste tends to be too salty.

  7. Pebbles, too much salty blend of chili definitely will spoil the taste of delicate fried Bihun. I like to blend my own chili whenever I can. I have tried with sambal olek, a popular chili boh in the state. Unfortunately it has some vinegar mix in it. I will have to cook it for a long time to reduce the vinegar. But still my rice stick noodle doesn't have a kick. Until I talked to gert and she suggested to blend our own chili. I am sticking to this method since then.

  8. Mamafami, pedas sikit aje. Macam rasa chili besar merah tu. But my fingers are all hurt, pijar. I should have used the plastic glove when I remove the seed.

  9. cantik betulla cili tu kak Zue....nampak menggoda dan seksi aaarrr....I suka pedas....

    kak zue..datang rumah amik award ya....daaaa