Sunday, August 02, 2009

Food Network Star

Oh No!I cannot believe Jeffrey lost in the food network star. Why do they crowned boring person as a star. I don't need tips in the kitchen. There are so many food network cook who already did that. I definitely cannot relate to her being a mom cook for her kids or what not. But I can definitely relate to the food smuggler. He is more creative and will bring more flavors to the cooking. Melissa is too clumsy and I think having Rachel Ray talking too fast in the show is enough.

I guess I will just watch the re run of Paula Dean and Barefoot Contessa. They both are the best and stays the best.


  1. I totally agreed with you. I prefer Jeffrey than Melissa. I think she talk too much and too fast. As for Rachel Ray she annoys the hell out of me. I like Barefoot Contessa too :) By the way nice Siew Bao!

  2. Gert, I am glad you agree with me on this bad selection. I have a feeling that they are bias and racial. I tengok muka Bobby Flay macam tak happy aje masa dia announce tu.

  3. Zue:
    Oh that SAHM win the star contest? why? I thought at least Jeffery or the Korean woman will win!! yes,I never like Racheal Ray,always told Eliot if she can cook the 30 minutes food so can I!! I like the Lydia and Alton brown too..

  4. Beachlover, I do like Alton Brown show. Every night I must watch the show. His show is very informative, innovative and funny.