Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stuffed Bean Curd

Stuffed bean curd is one of my favorite dish. It is easy to make but somehow I seldom make it. I bought the bean curd aka tauhu or tahu from the Asian store. I like the fresh bean curd from the Asian store better than the packaged firm tofu sell at regular grocery store. The taste is a little bit different. The fresh tofu is lighter in texture.

For this simple meal, I use spicy peanut sauce as the dressing. The filling is just cucumber that I I cut into small strips (julienne). I remove the core of the cucumber to cut the juice from the vegetable out.

In a big non stick skillet, I heat 4 tablespoons olive oil on medium heat. I lightly brown both sides of the bean curd. Be careful when you want to flip the bean curd over, because the bean curd may stick to the pan. Let the bean curd cool once both sides are light brown.
Here is a picture of my cucumber plant surrounded by marigold. Underneath the cucumber plant, there are about 4 cucumbers waiting to be picked. I use this cucumber in my bean curd.

For the spicy peanut sauce, I am using ready to make ingredients and just cook them together.
I crushed a cup of honey roasted peanuts. The one that ready to eat.
I heat olive oil and brown some shallots, sambal olek, garlic, chopped lemongrass, fresh grated ginger and 1 teaspoon belacan(shrimp paste).
Then I add 1 cup coconut milk.
Add the crushed peanuts and let it simmer.
Salt and pepper to taste.

Cut the bean curd on diagonal. Then slit the center open. Stuff it with cucumber. Drizzle some of the peanut sauce on top. Lunch is served!


  1. Zue, i love this tahu sumbat!! Too bad I don't have tahu now if now I will make this right away :)

  2. Gert, this tahu sumbat make me want to make gado gado la pulak.

  3. k.zu,
    i pun suka sangat dengan tauhu sumbat.. especially with peanut sauce... and made by my emak!! Klu yg jual tu biasanya dengan cili sos... tak best sgt!

  4. Tahu sumbat memang sedap... macam teringin nak buat gitu... Wah! cake pandan Zue, warna nya sungguh ceria :)