Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fresh Figs and Plums for breakfast

This Sunday morning is no different than any other hot Sunday morning. However, my appetite to eat heavy breakfast has gone. I am detoxing my body safely and effectively since Thursday by drinking lemonade that is made of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Today is my 4th day and so far I feel good.

Yesterday, I went out for my groceries and clothing shopping. My favorite grocery store is Costco and clothing is at Bonton. I bought 7 pairs of pants, some slacks for work and short for this hot summer weather. They cost me only $50 something. Despite not getting any pay for this month and probably next month too, due to budget impasse, I was surprise my husband didn’t yapping about all the pants I bought. I think he is more embarrassed to see me wearing torn jeans all the time rather than worry about money. :-)

Anyway, I bought some fresh figs and plums at Costco.

Here is my simple breakfast, fig and plum salad.
Ingredients: Serve 4 person
8 small fresh and ripe figs
2 big size fresh and ripe plums
1 lime
1 tablespoon sugar (optional)
Top with whipped cream (optional)

Cut fig into half.
Cut plum into small bite.
Sprinkle sugar and mix them.
Squeeze lime juice.
Serve with whipped cream. (Optional)
Breakfast is ready. This mix has strong sour taste. You could use less lime juice or omit it altogether.


  1. Hi Zu,

    I have been thinking about going on a detox programme too. Just wondering... do you eat/drink anything other than the lemonade while you are on your detox programme?

    Take care!


  2. Hi Pebbles,
    According to the article, I could sip camomile tea, raspberry tea or peppermint tea if I feel nausea. And I can eat fruits and green leafy vegetables if I extend drinking this lemonade beyond 4 days. I lost 8 lbs in 3 days and I feel happy.

  3. Zue,

    I suka figs tapi tak pernah makan fresh, yg selalu I beli is the dried black ones. Makan as a snack mmg sedap. Gd luck with ur diet, nanti baju raya sure kena tempah baru sebab dah slim!

  4. kak zue...figs ni buah apa yea...tak pernak tahu pun la....buah ni u tanam sendiri ker?

  5. k.zu,
    byknye shopping. Sy sekarang cuba void shopping baju..nak kena kurangkan berat baru boleh shopping!

  6. soalan akak sama macam 3E tu..buah figs tu caakap melayu dia apa yer..pernah tgk kat tv tapi masih blur laa

  7. 3E and Kak Ezza, buah fig ni buah Tin...

    Dhill, jenuh la Kak Zu pakai seluar koyak kalau nak tunggu sampai slim sikit. Insyaallah, so far dah 9.5 lbs turun. Nak kena kuatkan semangat ni.