Thursday, June 04, 2009

SIL Birthday Party

Since I came back from the trip for my SIL birthday party, I have been busy getting my time back on schedule at home. I do not have the time to cook anything special for everyone to share. Everyday, I serve the same meal I already posted in this site for our dinner. Each day, I make sure I did not cook the same meat in a row.
Monday, shrimp + green string beans;
Tuesday, chicken;
Wednesday, beef;
Thursday, fish + potato salad;
Friday, scallop;
Saturday, Philly cheese steak;
Sunday, lamb;
And the menu rotate for the following week.
One thing that I am grateful is that honey will not mind having just one meal for his dinner. It really save my time preparing for his dinner. I on the other hand, still preferred Asian cooking. I still keep my ritual of cooking my own food on weekend. But I limit it to a simple Nasi Lemak or porridge with lots of spinach and vegetables.

Now, back to my SIL birthday party, here are some of the pictures on the night of her birthday party. The venue for the party was at a hall of the local hotel in her hometown.
Before we enter the hall, there was a nice display on a table to greet us. There was also a guest book that we could sign in.
The table setting was very nice. My husband and I were given the honor to sit at the birthday girl's table. To some people, celebrating their 60th birthday is a big event. It was a formal birthday party for my SIL. My SIL invites reputable people to her party. Everyone came in their suit and black tie. The ladies all look fabulous in their glittering evening gown.
This is me ready to leave the house for the party.
The birthday cake. Simple yet elegant with white icing.

The buffet table. The food was delicious. I apologize for the poor quality of this picture.
Everyone say their grace before eating. These young men are my SIL's grandsons.
The birthday cake has a chocolate cake on one side...
and the white cake on the other side. The chocolate cake was for me and the white cake was for my husband.
For dessert, we were served with cheesecake with fresh strawberry topping.
The wild rice was delicious. The steamed carrot was not soft, it was little bit raw but very tasty. I love the dinner roll. It was not a plain dinner roll. I can taste some herb in the dinner roll but not quite sure which herb it was. There were program throughout the party time. My husband was invited to give a speech. My SIL introduced me to the audience because we had successfully completed our 2600 miles road trip together.


  1. terliur i tengok semua food ni..especially cheese cake tu.

  2. Dhill, the cheesecake was really good. I bought another cheesecake from the store. Very creamy and rich. Ada lagi dalam Fridge.