Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Celebration Feast

My husband and I went on a cruise to celebrate my sister in law’s 60Th birthday. It was our gift to her. The cruise was her second time on the ship and the first time for me. We leave from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Bahamas. We checked in on board as early as at 1 pm. The security checkpoint went smoothly. Our luggage are scanned and we were issued a ship card. The ship card will be used to open the cabin door, to order extra drinks from the menu, to buy items from the gift shop and as our identification to board the ship.
On our way to Fort Lauderdale, we drove right into a severe thunderstorm and heavy rain. This is the picture I managed to capture of the heavy cloud ahead of us. We drove right underneath the cloud which was pouring hard.
I have never seen cloud as thick as this one.

The ship sailed out at 5:30 pm as scheduled. This is a picture of Fort Lauderdale taken from the ship.
I do feel a little bit of motion sickness but I try not to think about it.
Our cabin is at the top deck with view facing the front of the ship. As you can see from the picture above, my husband was excited to look at the ocean as we sail out.
View of the Atlantic ocean from our cabin. Although the weather was not good on our way to the port, it changed into gorgeous and fine day by the time we sailed.
Our room was on the right of the two - three windows on the picture above. The ship has slides, pool and everything you want to do. My sister in law and I did our own thing while honey was busy with his homework. For those who has been on a cruise or never been on the cruise will hear about the food. Yes, the cruise provide us with lots of food. There are 4 different dining restaurant that we can choose from. We tried the buffet and also the serve restaurant.

On the first day on the ship, lunch were served. There are so much food to choose from. There are fruits, bread, rice, meat, fried fish, baked fish, steamed vegetables and salad of all kind.
And not to forget the dessert, all kind of delicious cakes.
At dinner, which we chose to have by 6:30 pm, we had more delicious food.
I have rice with squid, fried banana, vegetable salad and lots of dinner rolls. I have to eat bread to stop my queasiness on the motion.
Meal for breakfast was awesome too. There are scramble eggs, toast, yogurt, fruits, danish, hash brown, bacon, sausage, cereal, rolls, etc.
Lunch and dinner on the second day was excellent. The food are cooked to perfection. The taste was really great. By the second day I could not take it anymore. Too many food to endure.
We have been eating all day long. The buffet served too many food one could dine.
But I will never pass up these delicious miniature sweet tooth delights. I tried each and every cheesecakes they serve. Some with fruit topping and some is mix with chocolate. They are too delicious to describe here.
I finish all of these sweet treats in no time. The cheesecakes were soft and really melt in my mouth. It is all worth the money we paid for.
At one of the hotel we slept in, there are waffle machine that we could cook our own fresh waffle.
The instruction was easy to follow and in 2 minutes I have a perfect and delicious waffle.
Our road trip to and back from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Alabama took us about 2600 miles. At every hotel that we checked in for overnight stay, we were served with cold continental breakfast. Having the fresh and delicious waffle really make our trip a perfect one.

My sister in law will be having a formal dinner to celebrate her birthday with her children, grand children, great grand children, her mother, husband, friends and us tonight at one of the hotel here in her hometown. I will update on the food. Stay tuned.


  1. k.zu,
    teringin jugak nak cruising one day.. maybe bila dah pencen kot. Sekarang ni dok teringin nak pergi deep-sea fishing..

  2. Wow...look at those clouds! All the food looks relly yummy!

  3. wow..Zuraida, looks like u having a good time!!! Love all your pictures...very beautiful and the foods!!!

  4. I didn't expect their room to be so huge. I remember someone told me that room on board is usually very tiny. Wow, all the dessert look good. Glad that you, Murphy and SIL enjoyed the trip.

  5. pigpigscorner, thanks. It was terrifying at first to see that thick cloud roll up the sky.but as soon as we went under it was just a heavy rain.

    Sally, thanks. I wish I have bigger tummy to eat all of those food.

    Gert, I forgot to mention that we were on board with the 2 guys from the myth buster show. But we did not take picture with them to give them privacy. TV do make them look 10 pound heavier. There are different types of cabin available on the ship.

  6. Best nyer kak zu dpt naik cruise, gambar2 pun cantik2 belaka.

  7. yanizz, thanks. Tu la... dah 40 tahun menunggu baru la dapat nak naik boat besar.:-)

  8. Hi Zue,
    Your cruising seems great... Love your pictures... you look great too,my dear.

    Gerun melihat awan mendung...MashaAllah

  9. salam k.zue..jeles sehh tgk akak naik cruise nih!! tp i sampai bila2 pun xkan pi naik kapal sbb motion sickness yg amat dasat u!! hehe..

  10. Hani, thanks. It was really amazing to see ciptaan Allah. So, we all pakat praying in the car. My husband and I istigfar banyak banyak to Allah and my SIL dok praying to her Jesus.

    inahar_ali, don't worry, ada pil or wrist band you can use to curb your motion sickness. I did not use any because I didn't ask for one from my doctor. But my SIL brought with her the dramamine. Two days after the trip she told me that she started to feel the motion everytime she is near water.

  11. Wow! To the Bahamas! I have never set my foot on a cruise before!

  12. I teringin jugak nak go for cruises but with too many horror stories tu yg buat i macam cuak sikit. I guess kena go for those expensive type cruise kot. lol.

    eh the buffet tu semua all inclusive or u have to pay?

  13. FAMILY FIRST, with good companies, the cruise was really fun.

    Farina, what is the horror stories on the cruise? Luckily I am already back. The food is inclusive but soda and other beverages are at extra costs.

  14. Zue...what a cool trip!! hope your SIl love yours Birthday gift.. did u bring ubat for sea sick? I suka cruise tu but takut seasick ni..I try fishing boat 10x but all the time I just lay on the bench or throwing up! ubat for me also tak guna!!cis!

  15. Beachlover's Kitchen , fishing boat is shaking too much I think. This cruise, you almost cannot feel the movement. Like being on the plane. Yes, my SIL enjoyed the trip.