Monday, March 09, 2009

Cherry Tomato

When the store sell cherry tomato buy one get one tub free, I would buy them. I love cherry tomato. The way I like to eat it other than pop the whole tomato into my mouth is to cut half the cherry tomato. Then I would sprinkle them with some salt and ground black pepper.

During the growing season, I grow this delicious cherry tomato. I also grow some husky cherry tomato but it never came out good.
Besides cherry tomato, I also grow regular tomato.


  1. I love Cherry Tomato and I can pop in two pounds in one sitting :)

  2. Gert, you should get the same cherry tomato plant you got from the amish place. They are sweet and grow in abundant. Get well soon so you can get your garden patch ready.

  3. inahar ali, thank you. I will get it at later date.