Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Apam Beras - Steamed Rice Cake

Steamed rice cake is one of my favorite afternoon tea or breakfast treat. Growing up, my late mother used to cook this for our afternoon tea. I never got the chance to see how she cook it. My mom used to steamed the rice batter in a big pan. She cut it into diamond shape and sprinkled some coconut flakes at the top. Mom steamed rice cake is usually in beige or light brown color.

I decided to steam my own steamed rice cake. As usual, I had to google for the recipe. Mom was no longer available on the other end of the phone line to help me out. I found some recipes for this steamed cake or in Malay language it is called Apam Beras. I cannot follow some of the online recipe because lack of ingredients. I skipped to the next recipe.

Finally, I decided to create my own. I figured that it will work. But alas, I made the biggest mistake of all. I forgot to give my yeast some sugar to eat. So, they did not grow as I expected. My rice flour batter did not have bubbles. It was flat.
But I did not waste it. I continue to add the coconut soda as planned. I dropped few pinch of red coloring and so it turned out pink nicely.


1 cup rice flour

1 cup warm water

1 packet dry yeast

1/4 cup sugar

Mix all of these ingredients and let it bubble for more than 4 hours. I was already at the office when I remembered about the sugar. By the time I came home, the yeast were already dead and the cake will not rise.

Prepare the steamer.

Add 1 cup of coconut flavored soda. I choose coconut flavored soda just for it's sweet taste.

The steamed cupcake came out nicely from the mould. I will try this steamed cake again. And this time I must remember the sugar for the yeast. Rolled this steamed cake in coconut flakes. I use an unsweetened coconut flakes with some salt and sugar. Luckily I am only cooking this for myself. The top part of this steamed cake looks nice and soft. But the bottom part is a little bit flat. I packed this cute cupcake in a small container and take it to work everyday for the next 2 days.


  1. Looks cute... I'm sure even the denser cakes taste great :)

  2. Thanks Jude. I could not waste it anyway. LOL.

  3. zue, everytime u mention your mother i get teary-eyed somehow. she sounded like a really great cook. i first stumbled upon your blog when looking for agar-agar santan recipe and u mentioned your mom there too.

    it is a humble reminder for the rest of us to appreciate our mothers, to learn frm them and cherish them. so thank you.

  4. BabyBooned, thank you for leaving a comment in my blog. My mother was a great and creative cook. She could whipped up something out of the pantry and they tasted good.

  5. Dhill, yesterday I cook this but using the box brand named Pondan. It turned out smooth and nicely split at the top. But it didn't have that homemade fresh taste. Apam tak menjadi lagi sedap!:-)

  6. Sedapnya Zue. I pun suka makan these esp kalau yg tembam2 tu kan? hehe. Nak kena cari steamer dulu and fikir mould apa nak guna.

  7. Farina, as we have spoken over the phone, the best mould would be the ceramic cup that you can find at asian store. Never buy the plastic mould as it could melt from the heat. I have also tried the metal mould that I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond and the apam are perfect and easily come off too.