Thursday, February 19, 2009


Cute isn"t it? This petite banana is on sale at giant.
I bought 3 packs of it. This banana is very sweet and richer than the regular banana. I add this delicious banana into my oatmeal for my breakfast. It is hard for me to eat just 1 piece of this delicious banana. I always go for second.:-)


  1. Zue, I really miss the pisang emas that we get in Malaysia. Di sini, we have only three varieties of bananas and the closest we can get is 'Lady Finger' bananas...not as sweet but better than the longer cavendish bananas, which is the normal everyday variety you get in Australia.

    BTW, yesterday when I was at my local Asian grocer, I saw the non alcoholic melon cordial. It is made by ABC Indonesia (the same manufacturers of the famous ABC Kecap Manis). Thought I'd let you know.

  2. Vg, so far I have seen 4 types of banana here. the regular banana, this petite one, plantain and another petite banana with purple skin. Thanks for info on the melon drink. The next time I am at asian store I will look it up.

  3. k.zu,
    Saya pernah mkn pisang masa kat bandung 2 tahun lepas..rasa pisang tu tak sama macam kat malaysia ni.. mmg sedap.
    Yg kak zu beli ni pisang mana yek?

  4. Dhill, pisang yang cute ni really tasty and sweeter. I think this banana came from Mexico. Pergi Bandung best tak? Kak Zu tak pernah sampai ke Indonesia lagi.