Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rose Syrup Drink

After eating lots of spicy food I care for a glass of sweet and refreshing Malaysian favorite drink. Air Sirap Ros (Rose Syrup Drink). I bought this rose syrup from Malaysia. All I did to make this cooling drink is to mix a tablespoon of the rose syrup into a cold water and add a tablespoon of sweetener. Mix it well and serve it cold.

It was snowing heavily the whole day today. I took these pictures at 4:15 pm. It was already dark at this time.


  1. K.zue,
    Sejuk2 pun minum sirap jugak?
    Semlm tgk news kat TV3.. skrg us salji heavily ye? Tempat kak zue kena teruk tak?

  2. Hi Zu,
    We just come back from Malmo Sweden at end of Nov after spending 3 mths with daughter and her family. The weather is lousy - it's so cold & wet. We have been travelling to Sweden and Europe for the past 20 over yrs. This year the summer is "no summer" at all.
    We are happy to return home in Singapore, where the weather suit us fine, mybe we are use to hot weather.


  3. Air sirap, yum. Vin suka air bandung too - the more the condensed milk, the better.

    Zue, I make my own air sirap with rose essence, colouring, sugar and pandan leaves. Just renih betul2 and then dilute with water to taste. Sedap you know.

  4. Vg, that is a very good idea to make your own rose syrup drink. I may try it one day. Luckily the asian store at my area sell all kinds of essence.

  5. Zue,my mom love to make rose syrup with cincau especially on the hot humid day :) Try it, its really good.

  6. I pun macam Vin suka sirap bandung and i will add cream soda to have that extra kick. Manalah i tak gemuk dok minum bergelas2 benda ni. lol.

  7. Dhill, snow at tempat I tak teruk. Alhamdulillah. Memang sedap dapat minum air sirap ni.

    Gert, I can imagine sure sedap sirap add with cincau. Lagicooling kan.

    Farina, you are too modest. Mana gemok you tu. But I think memang kick sirap bandung letak club soda. I tak pernah buat but I can imagine.