Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kuih Kole

Kuih Kole is Malaysian popular kuih or treat. You can find this sweet kuih sell in most coffee shops in Malaysia.

200 gm green beans flour
1 can of thick coconut milk ( I used coco king brand- you can find this at the asian store)
2 cups water
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup sugar
2 pandan leaves

Fry green beans flour without oil till light and yellowish.
Then heat non stick pot on medium. Add plain sugar, brown sugar, pandan leaves and coconut milk and water. cook till sugar dissolves.
Add green beans flour bit by bit and mixed well. Cook the mixture over a gentle low heat into a thickened batter. Continuously stirs to avoid burn and till batter cooked.
Pour the cooked batter into baking pan and smooth the top with wet knife. Put aside to cool.

Process to cook the granules (tahi minyak) for topping.
I use another can of thick coconut milk. Pour it into a pan on medium heat. Let it boil and stir occasionally.
Cooked the coconut milk until turned granules (also known as tahi minyak). Put aside.

Spread evenly tahi minyak (granules)over the battered. Cut your desire shape with wet knife and serve.


  1. Zue, kueh ni macam kueh dodol saja! I never eat this before neither have I see it selling at mak cik stall mmmmm interesting.

  2. Gert, sweat and tears cooking this kuih. Sweat because I cook it too long. It thicken like kacau dodol. But didn't taste like dodol at all. Taste like green beans kuih. Soft in mouth. Tears coz wishing my mom still alive to guide me cooking this fella.

  3. k.zue,
    rajinnya buat kuih ni! paling leceh rasanya nak buat tahi minyak ler..

  4. Zue,kueh ini sound intersting..I never hear or see this kueh at pasar malam or maybe I miss it..I like the sound of tahi minyak ,must smell good especially kelapa goreng!

  5. zue, ni salah satu kuih favourite i, klu blk kg tak pernah miss beli kat pasar, sometime people use kacang tanah utk ganti tahi minyak, tapi tak ori ler....

  6. kak zue..sedapp kuih niii...rajin lahh kak zue buat. kat sini sesekali jumpa tauuu kuih niii...dapat lerr buat lepas rinduuu :D

  7. Dhill,tahi minyak bagi sedap kuih ni.terpaksa buat.

    Beachlover, you can try making this. I am going to make again but this time will add egg.

    Fauziah, I never know ppl use peanuts. Emmm....sedap ke?

    Shafidah s, kenapa orang dah tak jual ye. I memang suka sangat kuih ni.

  8. I never ate this it looks delicious...and yummy too....reminds me of the english brownie...but obviously is not ... I may try to make it one day..Thx for sharing

  9. I miss this kuih as it is not common in the east Msia but sure is my favourite. Not sure I'm as rajin as you r to make my own.

  10. Zue, teringin nak makan. memang tak bakar eh kuih kole kacang ni?

  11. Farina, kuih ni tak bakar. Masak dia dalam periuk sampai pekat.