Thursday, December 25, 2008

Gingerbread House

Honey bought this gingerbread house kit for me to show my artistic taste. I thought it was cute and was surprised that he can read my mind. It has been months since I started thinking of making my own gingerbread. In 2006 I did bake gingerbread man . I love the smell of gingerbread coming from the oven. However, this gingerbread house kit has no baking involved at all. It came in a box as shown below.
The kit came with a pack of cooked gingerbread cookies in the shape of part of the house, a snowman, a pine tree and a chimney. In the box there are also packets of different shapes, colors and types of candy and a packet of ready made icing sugar. The icing sugar is the glue to the assemble the house and it's decorations.

I followed the instructions from the box. Assembling the gingerbread house doesn't take a long time at all. There was no mess too. Everything are pre-measured. I began the process by massaging the icing sugar for 1 minute. This is to smooth out the icing and easier for the icing sugar to flow out of the tube.
Then I began assembling the wall to the house. Lastly, I put up the roof and the chimney.

I decorate the house as closely to the picture from the box.
In no time, my gingerbread house is complete. Welcome everyone and Merry Christmas!


  1. what a beutiful gingerbread house.I'm so jakun always thought must bake the gingerbread Christmas I will get this pre0cooked and measure kit!!Happy Holiday to you too!

  2. This looks good!
    I remembered making my 1st and last gingerbread house a few years back with a store bought kit. Long story short, it doesnt look as good as yours. A lot of patience needed, which I am lacking, btw. hehehehehe....

  3. Zue, you did a great job decoration the gingerbread house. So Pretty!!

  4. Dhill, thanks.
    Beachlover, I am sure Mishu will love building this house.
    Sri, I see that you have been baking lots of cookies. They all look good.
    Gert, thanks. Have you start using your new camera yet? I dapat laptop. Hop on my other blog to read about it.