Saturday, November 08, 2008

Murtabak Perantau - Beef Murtabak

Murtabak is Malaysian traditional kuih(for appetizer or dessert food). I was growing up having this delicious murtabak for breakfast or dinner. Murtabak can use chicken or beef as filling. My favorite murtabak is the beef filling. The beef is cook with spices and then mix with egg before spread it onto the murtabak skin. The traditional way of making murtabak is to wrap the beef filling with homemade roti canai. Please correct me if the original murtabak came from India. I say that because I see many Indian restaurant or stall in Malaysia sell murtabak.
Murtabak is easily find at Pasar Malam or night market.

Since I am not good at making my own homemade roti canai, I need to find the substitute for this delicious murtabak skin. I am glad my new friend Yati from KgDale introduced me to this murtabak version called murtabak perantau. This recipe is using the popiah skin as the wrapper. Other name for this skin is lumpia as shown in the picture below. The Malay version of the recipe that Yati gave me came from .

This is the skin I use to wrap the murtabak. I bought this lumpia/popiah skin from the frozen section in Asian store. The next time I see this skin, I must buy and stock it.
Murtabak is good to eat with curry gravy or with red onion pickle. This is a simple version of red onion pickle. Slice 1 medium size red onion. In separate bowl mix well 1/3 cup white vinegar and 3 teaspoon sugar. Dash a pinch of salt. Pour the vinegar mix onto the red onion and set it aside. To get really nice red color for this pickle onion, dash a drop of red coloring.

Boiled some potato and diced it.

I use about 2 cups of minced beef.
1 tablespoon curry paste
2 tablespoon chopped onion
In a big pot, saute the onion with 1 tablespoon cooking oil. Then add the beef. Stir until beef is cooked. Then add the cooked and diced potato.
Lastly, add curry paste. Seasoned it with a pinch of salt. Turn off the heat and set aside to cool down.

Mix the beef filling with 1 egg.
Spread the mixture nicely onto the lumpia/popiah skin.

Fold on one side.

Then fold on the right side.

Fold on each end.

Make a square as in the picture above.

On a skillet or pan drizzle some olive oil and heat it on medium heat. Lay the murtabak in the pan. Cook on both sides.

Serve this murtabak warm with the pickle onion or with curry gravy. Enjoy!


  1. Zue, I think this spring roll wrappers is better for murtabak as its bigger and not as thick as the normal ones.

  2. zu,
    good to see ur posting...great pictures...sedap tengok....meleleh air lior....

  3. zu, bila baca entry ni, tetiba je tekak nak rasa murtabak! oh..i've to get that popia skin lah!

    p/s my corn starch stock will arrive next week, tak sabar nak try your keropok lekor resipi..huhuhu..

  4. kak zue..
    sedapnya tgk murtabak ni.. i pun suka sesangat dgn murtabak.. especially from taiping.. which is without kentang.

  5. Gert, you are right. The texture of this popiah skin is just right too. Save for me this skin if you see it at the Asian store.

    lantana, cepat buat. Memang sedap la resepi you introduce kat I ni.

    waterlily, best murtabak ni. Kalau ada pot luck pun boleh bawak kan. Kenapa you nak kena tunggu corn starch stock? Kat kedai biasa tak ada jual ke?

    dhill, murtabak dari Taiping sedap ye. Ada special ingredients ker?

  6. Zue..betul ckp Gert..even i yg dok mesia ni pon biasa guna popiah skin tu, n rasa pon better..

  7. k.zue..
    biasa je, similar tu murtabak singapore.. tp sbb dah biasa dgn murtabak taiping, mesti nak cari yg tu jugak baru puas!

  8. Jun, thanks for the info.

    Dhill, murtabak Singapore is good too. Kak Zu pernah rasa sekali masa adik kak zu beli di Muar.

  9. Sedapnya murtabak dgn bawang! I sampai lah ni tak jumpa2 lagi lumpia wrapper. Next time nak kena bukak mata besar2 sikit. hehhe.

  10. Farina, I pun susah nak jumpa kulit popiah ni. Rasanya this one beli kat Philly or NYcity.

  11. Salam Zue,

    Have you tried using the frozen Roti Canai (Raya) or any other brand to make the murtabak? Perhaps it will taste as good. I think you inspire me, so I am going to try it and will let you know.

  12. Foodiva54, ada juga dengar orang guna frozen roti canai. I am sure it will taste good. I haven't try yet.