Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tapai Pulut - Fermented Glutinous Rice

This is my first time ever making my own tapai pulut or also known as fermented glutinous rice.
Thanks to Gertrude for showing me the ragi at the asian store near her house. It cost me only $0.67 for 2 balls of ragi.
The tapai is so sweet and juicy. I chilled it in the fridge before I eat.
Some people eat this tapai pulut with other sweet delights like cendol, as tapai drink or with grated coconut. For me, I like the tapai just as it is.
The first step I did in this tapai process was to soak the glutinous rice for a few hours. Then I wash and toss the rice.
On the stove, I line up banana leaves in my steamer. I like the rice on a crunchy side so, occasionally I ran water over the rice and let it drip. I steamed the rice until half cooked.
Then I let the cooked glutinous rice to cool down at room temperature before I sprinkle it with ragi evenly. I use 2 balls of ragi on 2 cups of uncooked glutinous rice.
I then put the rice in a close container.
Then I wrap the container with a clean towel and keep it away for 2 days. The reason for the towel wrap or any cloth wrap is to keep the tapai warm. I open the wrap on the 3rd day and keep the tapai in the fridge. Again, I must say it, this tapai is very sweet.
The glutinous rice that has been fermented for 2 to 3 days is ready to be wrapped in banana leaves for sweeter fragrants and presentation before serving.


  1. acar buah..n tapai somemore? Zue..rajinnyer u...not all can make tapai u know..i mean d sweet one..ramai yg fail..heheh. tabik la kat u!

  2. Jun, I told myself if it didn't work, I would just trash the whole thing and blame it to the bad ragi. But alhamdulillah it came out sweet and the color of the tapai is white. You should see I did my happy dance yesterday! My smile was ear to ear. Hehehe.

    Gertrude, next time I want to buy tons of that ragi at your place.

  3. Zue, this is how we make rice wine too but we ferment for over a month. Glad it turn out well for you.

  4. Gert, next adventure maybe I can try rice wine. Do you have the instruction for it?

  5. Kak Zue,
    respect! bukan senang nak buat tapai. Acar buah buat Yatie air liur meleleh pulak. Teringat masa kat kampung... Kakak Yatie pandai buat acar ikan kering... sedap!

  6. Yatie, apa pulak acar ikan kering ni? Kak zu tak pernah dengar. Bunyi macam sedap. Kak zu suka ikan kering but selalu goreng biasa atau masak lemak je.2 cup for this tapai is a lot for one person. I have been eating it everyday for buka.:-)

  7. Hi Zue, just need some clarification from u on "I use 2 balls of ragi on 2 cups of uncooked glutinous rice.". Is this the proportion used for making ur tapai ? What is the cup measurement ?

    Is the ragi in the shape of round biscuit ? Can use baking yeast or not ?

  8. KH, yes, that was my exact measurement for the tapai. I am not sure about baking yeast. I don't think it will work.
    The ragi I am using is in the shape of a moth balls. I don't have the picture, but will get it for you later.