Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fried Noodle with yellow summer squash

Gertrude gave me some packets of noodle. One of them is this delicious Hakka egg nooddle. I still have few yellow summer squah in my kitchen.

Here is my simple recipe for this delicious fried noodle.


1 packet Hakka egg noodle

1 medium size yellow summer squash

1 cup bean sprouts

2 tablespoon fish sauce

2 tablespoon oyster sauce

1 tablespoon sweet soy sauce

salt and pepper to taste

Spicy ingredients (blend):

2 tablespoon sambal olek

2 garlic

1/2 cup dried anchovies

1/2 medium size onion

2 tablespoon tarmarind juice


Boil water in big skillet or pot. Cook the egg noodle in the boiling water. Half soft, drain and put the noodle aside. Sprinkle some oil to the noodle so that it will not stick.

In another skillet, heat few tablespoon olive oil. Add in the blended spices. Add in yellow summer squash. Then add in the noodle. Coat well. Then add the fish sauce, oyster sauce and soy sauce. Salt and pepper to taste if needed. Dress it up with bean sprouts.


  1. Hi Zue,

    Hope all are well that side. Just curious... what is that yellow squash? Looks like papaya to me. Sorrylah my vocab is still very limited!

  2. mamafami, Kita sihat aje. Puasa letih sikit sebab buka posa kul 7:40pm. Yellow squash ni rasanya between labu air dan timun, sedap di makan bila di masak stir fry. I tanam dia di kebun.

    Selamat berpuasa.