Saturday, July 05, 2008

Agar-agar Santan

Nothing is more refreshening and soothing than agar-agar (jelly) in the hot summer day.
This is a simple agar-agar.
1 packet of agar-agar ( you can buy it from the asian store)
1 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1 pandan leave (screwpine leave)
1 can of coconut milk ( I use Cocoa King brand)
a pinch of salt.

Wash the agar-agar. My agar-agar has yellow coloring which I don't mind since I am mixing the agar-agar with brown sugar.
In a big pot, on high heat, add agar-agar and water until the water just cover the agar-agar. Add brown sugar, sugar, and pandan leave. Boil until all the agar-agar disolve. Lastly, add the coconut milk. Mix it well. Reduce the heat to medium. Before it bubble, turn off the heat. Use a fine strainer and pour the agar-agar into a square container 5 by 9 inches at least. Popped all the bubble at the surface. Let it cool on the counter. Then keep the agar-agar in the fridge before cutting.
The agar-agar in the picture above, I cut it using a metal serated knife designed as agar-agar cutter.


  1. Zue, i tak pernah nampak agar agar with yellow coloring in it. Do they come in other color too?

  2. Gert, they are in Green and red too.

  3. Hi I tried to make this agar2 twice but the santan does not raise above...what am i doing wrong? I used gula melaka..
    Please help Thanks

  4. Hi Reena,
    I am not sure why your coconut milk didn't separate. As long as you use thicker coconut milk and pour the whole can, it should work. Don't give up. Keep on trying.

  5. When I make my agar agar it always comes out either too watery or too hard. Either way it will go to waste. So I stopped making this dessert. What is the correct proportion to get a firm agar agar. Help wanted. Pushpa Soh Chelliah

  6. Pushpa,I too experience the same problem. But I always follow my late mother's advice. The water should just cover the agar-agar for extra firm and a cup more for softer agar-agar.

  7. Like Reena, I've tried making it twice following your steps but the santan didn't rise's all mixed up...what went wrong???

  8. Writer's Block, the Cocoa King brand coconut milk is very thick. Depending on how you prepare your coconut milk, it must yield the thickest milk. One can of cocoa King brand equivalent to almost 5 coconuts.
    Next point is you must not have any other substance in your mixing. No egg or cocoa or anything that can blend with the coconut milk and make the milk not separated.
    Good luck!

  9. Ok, will try again and hopefully, mine will turn out as beautifully as yours...thanks.