Monday, June 16, 2008

Popiah Basah (with Lingham's sauce)

I took my car for inspection today. Since the workshop was already near the Asian store, I stopped at Little Saigon to get some spices, black soy sauce and Oyster sauce. One my way back, I stop at another asian store, Kim's Oriental. I walked isle by isle. I saw durian 2 pieces for $5.99. That is pricy. I didn't buy. I picked up a box of my favorite bee hoon instant noodle. There are 30 packets inside the box and it cost me only $6.80. I bought 5 packets of spices of Indo brand. A packet of ketupat Nona and shrimp crackers.

I kept on walking until my eyes caught the Lingham's chili sauce. I could not believe this. I bought 2 bottles for now. I kept on walking hoping to see kipas udang soy sauce by any chance. But hopeless.
I bought kohlrabi, my favorite bulb that has mild cabbage taste since they are all look very fresh.
I also buy popiah basah wrapper and kuih bom. The filling of the kuih bom ( the ball with sesame seeds) is mung bean paste. They are not too sweet but good enough to my taste.
So, for my dinner today, I assembled a simple popiah basah.
1 kohlrabi (julianned)
1 stick of carrot (julianned)
1 cup of beans sprout.
3 tablespoon Lingham's Chilli Sauce
1/2 teaspoon oyster sauce
1/2 teaspoon dark soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon ketchup
Mix all the ingredients for the sauce. Taste to your liking. Lingham's chilli sauce is very hot for me. That is why I added ketchup a little bit.
In a pot, boil water and add salt. Blanch kohlrabi, and carrot for about 3 minutes. Toss and put aside. Blanch beans sprout for 1 minute. Toss and combine with the rest of the filling.
Spread about 1/2 teaspoon of the sauce thinly on the wrapper. Put a tablespoon of the filling at the edge and roll one time, then fold on both side first before rolling the rest of the wrapper.
Serve immediately.


  1. I love Lingham sauce too and luckily for me, the asian store here stock some!! Even my mat saleh hubby loves it. It's so delicious!

    Btw, I'm Sri...a Singaporean living in FLorida.

  2. zue, wht do they call kulit popiah here? its not the egg roll skin right? sbb egg roll skin tu nampak macam too tebal.

    eh u beli ke buat kuih bom tu?

  3. Kak Zue I wanna some of your popiah basah!!.So far I still didn't attempt to make popiah basah yet!!.Should try one day soon!!.Why I don't have Lingham sauce in my pantry??.

  4. Salam Kak Zue,

    Da few time visit ur blog, just wanna say Hi... a lots of recipe here, i shud try it...looks like u stay in Malaysia not in US...

  5. Sri,thank you for visiting and leave a message in my recipe blog. Florida di mana? Dekat tak dengan Disney World? Do send email to me at if you need to. My husband has not try the Lingham sauce yet. But he knows it must be good or else I would not buy that many at one time.

  6. Farina, You are right, this one I had was made from indonesia and it is called something else. egg roll skin tu keras. This one is very light and lubang-lubang kecil.

  7. Beachlover, you must try the popiah basah. I am sure yours will turn out good. The secret is the sauce. If the sauce taste good then the popiah will be great.

  8. waalikumsalam Siti Khuzaimah, thanks for visiting my recipe blog. I try to put out recipe that I cook at home. I miss asian cooking. At home, my husband cooks for us American food.Oh do you know that I live in Malaysia? No, I live in US. On the eastern part of US, Pennsylvania. Where do you live?

  9. hi!!! I love linggams! and I am making popiah goreng today with sengkuang.( turnip)
    yummi!!!! i am a Malaysian living in FL with my hubby and I miss Malaysian( asian) food so much!

  10. anonymous, thank you for stopping by. Nama siapa? Sos Lingham memang sedap. But I cannot it too often. Too sweet for my teeth.:-(
    How's your popiah goreng? Dah habis makan?

  11. hi zu my name is sharon... dah makan habsi dah popiah goreng.... buat ngan inti sengkuang( turnip).... tapi takada linggams cili hubby makan 20 batang.. hahah.. this week i am making popiah basah chinese style..

  12. Hi Sharon, thank you for stopping by. You are so lucky to have a husband who appreciate your popiah. Let me know how's your Chinese style popiah turn out.

  13. I miss eating popiah basah. Sadly, I wont be able to get this unless I go to Nashville. :(

  14. lilmizlynn, how far is your place to Nashville? If the trip could satisfy your crave then it should be ok. I would stock up if I were you.

  15. I just googled 'easy popiah basah recipe' and your site came up first! Thank you so much for posting! Oh my goodness I'm bookmarking your wonderful site!! I'm from KL and now live in Cali with my hubby. I miss Malaysian cooking sooooo much and am slowly trying to replicate some dishes. I hope to find the right kulit popiah! Wantan wrapper boleh? The Asian markets around me are not so awesome.