Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fried Sweet Potato

3 small sweet potato
1 cup flour
tumeric powder
Mix everything in abowl. Skinned off sweet potato and slice it thinly. Deep fry in cooking oil.


  1. ooohh!! fried sweet potato,my favourite!!..Kak,I hear somehting scary when I was Msia.The rumour said the pasar malam or hawker stall who fried goreng pisang,keropok lekor and goreng this and that,will put PLASTIC bag in their hot oil.The reason is to make the food crispy and crunchy!!Some even put a bundle of straw!! When I hear about it,I immediately stop buying keropok lekor kat pasar malam.Even my aunty in Alor Star also said she hear this rumour in Kedah! scary la this ppls,don't have principle,just wanna to make $$$.I even confront a goreng pisang pakcik at pasar malam,he deny this rumour.He said ,mana boleh letak plastic,nanti ada cancer la!!.Dunno to believe or not.So I better fry my goreng pisang and keledek at home like you!! ahaha!

  2. OMG! That is a scary rumor. Why can't they just use rice flour to add that extra crunch? I don't get it. How can plastic make the fried food crunchy. Emmm...
    Yes, frying our own food at home is much safer and better taste.