Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ramadan 2015 Day 24 - Break Fasting Party part 4

It was a nice break fasting dinner at a friend's house. I ate too much that I had to stop or else I would not be able to drive home. Everyone are happy and enjoyed the meal. We start the course with some appetizers followed with rice and all kind of side dishes. It was a potluck dinner where everyone brought their own dish and share it at the party.
 One of my favorite appetizer is the spring rolls. The filling of this spring roll is a mixture of eggs and vegetables. Someone brought quesadilla. I am not sure what is the filling. It might be egg and cheese.
 The hostess prepared the fried noddle. It was really tasty. My blood sugar probably went up to the roof after eating this meal. But it was really delicious.
 More main dishes are served. There are biryani rice, pineapple and cucumber salad, fish, bergedil, rice stick noodles, etc.
 We had watermelon and cocktail fruits for the drink.
 One lady brought this delicious tiramisu. I really had a good time enjoying the food and the company.

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