Sunday, May 24, 2015

Roselle Leaves with Shrimp

Last growing season, I planted the Roselle plant thinking that I can eat the fruits. The red calyces are the part of the plant that I was looking for. I could made tea or juice from the calyces. Some part of the world is using the red calyces as food coloring, syrup or jelly.
Unfortunately, the hot weather in my area was too short. I managed to harvest the leaves together with the deer on which ate the top part of the plants.
From my short research, the plant is said to have antihypertensive agent. Roselle is said as diuretic, mild laxative, and treatment for cardiac and nerve diseases and cancer.
I was at the Newark farmer’s market this morning and found bunches of the Roselle leaves. It cost only $1 for a bunch. The seller said I could just stir fry the leaves and add some shrimp in the dish. The Roselle leaves are sour in taste. It reminded me of tamarind. The taste was sour but in a good way. The dish add a zing to the rice.

To stir fry the leaves, my friend Gert used some cooking oil, slices of hot peppers, crushed garlic and shrimp.

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