Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ramadan 2013 Day 5 - Steak and Mashed Potato

It was a sunny Sunday today. I was planning to go out to the store to get thread for my Raya dress. Unfortunately, the weather was too hot for me. I should have work in the garden yesterday when the weather was nice and shady. Today, I spent my time at home washing clothes and sewing my baju raya. I am in the mood of making a simple tunic with a flare skirt. My break fasting meal today was steak and mashed potato. I was so hungry that I did not take the picture of the steak. It was just a simple steak seasoned with salt and ground black pepper. I sauteed onion and it went on top of the steak. The mashed potato had the skin on since the potato I was using are small potato with soft skin. My dessert today are just some fresh blueberry and dates. As for the drink, I had a cup of hot tea with milk. Delicious!

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