Saturday, October 09, 2010

Shrimp Kue Teow and Hot Cherry Peppers

Fall is the time to stock up on fruits like apples or vegetables like winter squash and peppers. I went to the farmer's market and found this beautiful hot cherry peppers. It cost me just $7 for a big box. I use plastic gloves to handle these peppers otherwise my hands will be "pijar" as said in bahasa melayu or in english means burns from hot peppers. I can get a buck for a bag of 50 disposable plastic hand gloves t dollar store.

Above is a blended hot cherry peppers cooked in olive oil, onion, garlic, shrimp paste(belacan) and ginger. The cherry peppers are cleaned and seeded. I don't think I can stand the super heat taste from these peppers. What I like about this pepper is that it will give volume to my cooking. I do not need to add tomato as tomato will set different taste to the dish. I pack the rest of the cherry peppers, whole, in a gallon size zip lock plastic bag. They can last throughout winter.
One of the dishes I use this cherry peppers mixture is in the fried kue teow. One of my good friend invited me to her house today. We cooked fried shrimp kue teow. Her kuali is huge and super heavy. And it cooked the kue teow well.
This hot cherry pepper is the secret to my cooking. There are other peppers I like such as the cili padi (bird eye chili) mix with poblano peppers. They both give the same heat and flavor to the dish.
Buttercup Squash is sold at a good deal too. They gave me 20 buttercup squashes for $10. I cannot get that price at the store.
My style to enjoy this squash is simple. I just bake them in the oven at 420 degree F for about 40 minutes. I can add brown sugar to the meal or add salt and pepper for savory flavor.
While shopping at the asian store for the kuchai and taugeh to go with the fried kue teow, I found this kedondong as in bahasa melayu or Spondias dulcis or Ambarella in english. This kedondong is fresh and delicious.


  1. Your sambal base looks fantastic. Did you giling the old fashioned way or did you use a blender?

    How do you eat buah kedondong?

  2. Zue, banyaknya you beli the cherry peppers. Kat produce junction pun ada but quite expensive. A small packet cost $3. By the way, you masak kat rumah siapa? Kawan baik you yang tinggal nearby tu ke :)

  3. Diane, thanks. No la friend. I blend the chilli and everything else using hand held blender. You could use food processor if you want to.

    I eat the kedondong plain.

  4. Gert, yea, same here too. if you buy 1 quart it cost around $3 too. I cooked at Nur's house.