Friday, October 01, 2010

Budu and Cincalok

Budu is a malay word to describe a fermented seafood such as fish and anchovies and very popular in Kelantan. Budu or Budo(Thailand) is very salty. It is use in cooking to flavor the dish. I bought this budu from the asian store near my neighborhood. My plan is to use it in Nasi Kerabu (Rice with lots of fresh vegetables).
Another salty food from asia is Cincalok. Growing up, my mother used to cook cincalok with shallots. She pan fry the cincalok with little oil. Cincalok is made of tiny shrimp and has strong smell. I have never tasted or cook cincalok in chicken. But there seems to be a lot of recipes on the internet on that.
Stay tuned for my version on Nasi Kerabu.


  1. I haven't had budu before, but have tasted cincalok here in Kuching. It is very strong. I love belacan, but this cincalok is too strong, even for me!

  2. Nate @ House of Annie, true that cincalok has strong smell. I have found a way to use it. I cook just 1 teaspoon of the cincalok mix with lime juice from 1 lime. Then I add bean sprouts and onion. Lastly I added 1 egg and stir fry. It didn't taste too salty but the smell is there and that smell make me hungry.

  3. k.zu,
    if i ada stok budu, i will put few drops in my soup.. mmg sedap!!!

  4. Dhill, good idea. Us it true that people put budu in lemak cili api?