Sunday, September 05, 2010

Breakfasting Indonesian Style

I have been eating out at Indonesian family lately that I did not have the time to post my own meal. It is at Tik's house today and I decided to bake cupcakes. The cupcakes were decorated with cream cheese frosting and I finish it off with some chocolate rice and confetti. They are delicious. As soon as the break fasting begin, I see everyone plate has a cupcake/s. One little girl said she is finding it hard to eat my cupcakes because it was too beautiful. Another girl told her to Rip the cup but the cup is beautifully printed. I must thanks to Gertrude for giving me some of her decorative cup. Now only I had the chance to use it.
Above is a picture of some of the food served at Tik's house. Yesterday, I breaking fast at Nur's house, also an Indonesian and I brought seafood and vegetables stir fry sambal. It was delicious but I did not take any pictures. I was too hungry looking at all of those Kampong style cooking. My favorite is the steam vegetables with sambal belacan dipping. Oh lala! The smell of shrimp paste was making me hungry.

It seems that this type of date, which is fresh on the vine is so popular among these families. Every houses I went to, served this type of dates. It does look presentable and the taste is so fresh.

The food which was wrap with banana leaf is the pulut panggang also known as steamed sweet rice with shredded fish filling. Watch out calories and sugar...I can only taste one piece and pray that I will not die because of a heart attack.

The drink served were fresh watermelon and fresh cantaloupe. On the right side to my cupcakes are the banana fritters aka cekodok pisang and plain fritters also known as cekodok.

I thought this is a caramel flan but actually it was coconut milk in agar agar or asian jelly. My own recipe is here. One thing I noticed, each family brought at least one dish to share. The host, Tik offered Mee Soto (Rice noodle beef soup). It was delicious and I could only taste a little bit of everything. They are blessed with  so many good food.
This ondeh ondeh is one time favorite food serve for break fasting. It has a brown sugar or gula melaka inside the glutinous rice flour on the outside and coated with fresh grated coconut. Super sweet and delicious. You can find my version of ondeh ondeh here.
Yes, the host, Miss Tik was proud to serve us Satay. She told me how she cut the chicken and found the mistake she made. This time she corected her mistake and it came out perfect. The chicken satay cooked through and I was so relief that she spread the peanut sauce over the satay. Unlike 10 years ago when I was celebrating Eid at one of the Indonesian family and she served satay with soy sauce. I was speechless. Anyway, Tik did a good job this time.

We all were eating too much that we forgot it was time to do the Isyak prayer and the terawih. This is one thing good I see from breakfasting with Indonesian families. They all perform the prayer together. Of course I don't get it why Tik husband must say something about the Indonesian people burnt and stepped on the Malaysian flag during the 31st August.
I was not sure what is this other than seeing the vegetables in the tray. But after nur and Ida mix them all, this tray of vegetables turned into a delicious "urap" or some kind of spicy salad. It was delicious and fresh. I have not tasted urap for so long.

There is one more table that I did not get the chance to take the picture of. There are fried rice, chicken curry, mee soto, gado gado, fried fish, shrimp sambal, fried spicy anchovies and peanuts, spaghetti, etc. God blessed them. Food is not a question although they all maintain at ideal weight. Sometimes I wonder where are all of those food goes?
Those petite ladies can eat.

What a neat spring rolls.
This is potato bergedil. A simple meal but very tasty.

Some food that were missing are apam balik and murtabak. I did not see them today. Luckily, I don't miss them because their apam balik unlike mine was having chocolate as the fillings.
Their murtabak, again unlike mine had just egg inside. There are no meat.
I was too eager to go home that I forgot to bring my tray back home. Luckily Tik's house is not far from my house. She lives only 5 minutes away. I will be able to go and get them back anytime.

My baju raya is ready. Stay tuned on my other blog for the picture.


  1. k.zu,
    semuanya sedap.. especially time tengahari camni!

  2. Dhill, enak banget dong!
    pecelnya waduh enak sekali. Cabei nya cukup pedesss.

  3. ooo banyaknya makanan. Enak enak pulak tu. Glad that you joined them for berbuka.

  4. salam k.zue..selamat menyambut hari raya ye! maaf zahir & batin..nnti mai amik kad raya kt umah kita ye!

  5. Hi, Zuraisah. I am so glad I stumble into your interesting blog. All the food in this post looks very much like the buka puasa food we have here in Malaysia. We are going to have Hari Raya Aidil Fitri on 10th Sept. Wishing you a Very Happy Hari Raya Puasa !