Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seaweed Salad

No recipe for today but I want to share one of my favorite salad. A while back when I was having dinner with my sister at a sushi restaurant, we had seaweed salad as our appetizer. It was my first time eating a seaweed salad. I like the mild tangy and chewy yet crunchy salad.

I was at Giant the other day shopped for some fresh fish. While waiting for my porgies to be cleaned, I saw a tray of seaweed salad. I was so happy yet a little bit nervous if the taste is not going to be as I expected. I thought of asking for sample but I don't want to spoil my stomach at that time. The price was a bit high, $8 per lb. I braved myself and asked for half a pound.

As soon as I got home, I quickly have a bite of this Giant fresh made seaweed salad. Oh Yes, this Giant seaweed salad taste better than the one I had at the sushi restaurant. Luckily honey does not like sesame seeds so all of this seaweed salad is mine. :-)



  1. Zue, I took love this salad especially the strong sesame seed oil smell. But I have to be careful eating this because i have problem digesting it and it might give me gastric :)

  2. Gert, this seaweed salad has agar agar? I have to find out how giant make it. The one I had at the sushi restaurant has fine strips of cucumber skin. This one doesn't taste like it has that.