Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lunch at Breast Cancer Event

I enjoyed every topic presented by the professionals on cancer topic earlier this morning at a breast cancer event. My mil and I have a blast when the presenter crack some jokes. I didn't take a picture of the breakfast menu. We had assorted danish, mini bagel and muffins with variety of tea, coffee and plain water with or without ice. We pick.

 Every year I am looking forward to this event. However, before we hit to the buffet table, one of lady at my table told us that she had been diagnosed with cancer for a year. My prayer goes to her. She is such a nice lady and I can tell that she is in pain. Her daughter and her sister came along to support her and I think that is very good for her morale. My MIL as usual is lending her hand to her. She will send her the full address of the cancer facility in Maryland which could give her free medicine and better care.
The chocolate cake I bake at home taste much better than this.

But I still clean out my plate good. I also had a cup of coffee at the end of my meal. We waited until the event is over with all the award giving ceremony and lucky draw.
I am still full after 6 pm and I don't think I will cook dinner today.
Honey is happy to heat up his frozen dinner.


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