Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

Honey and I have the honor to prepare our signature turkey dinner on Thanksgiving this year. We marinate the turkey with butter and garlic over night.

Around 10 am we started to set up the fryer outside the house.

For quite some times we didn't fry the turkey after our fryer had a hole at the bottom. We bought a new fryer from Pro Bass. Our turkey is big and it fit just right in the fryer with extra peanut oil than recommended.

The time to fry this turkey is only 3 minutes for 1 pound of turkey. It was really fast and came out juicy and crispy. It took us 45 minutes to fry this 15 pounds turkey.

Here are the vegetables I used for our turkey stuffing. I have chopped celery, chopped onion and chopped apples. I mix all of these vegetables with chicken stock and bread stuffing.
I bake them in the oven at 350 degree F for about 45 minutes.
We took our food at MIL house. The turkey was a big hit. Everyone enjoyed the crispy dark meat. We also brought ready to use turkey gravy.
Overall, we had a great thanksgving dinner. My MIL stayed at our house tonight so that we all can go out for black friday shopping at 2 am.
Tomorrow is also Eid for the muslim. Happy Eid to everyone.


  1. wow nice looking turkey! Happy thanksgiving!

  2. K.zu,
    Any tips tak macamana nak roast ayam tak dry sgt?

  3. pigpigscorner , thanks.

    Dhill, nak kena basting dia and slow cooking in the oven.

  4. Hi Zue, the fryer is something new to me. I imagine u need to use a lot of oil to fill up. Do u know where I can get that in Msia?...Roz