Monday, August 31, 2009

Tenth Day Ramadan - Breaded Fried Shrimp, Cream of Tomato and Toasted Garlic Bread

Honey said he started to feel tired and sleepy. I told him that our breakfasting meal is not going to help him much. I am serving cream of tomato, garlic bread and tempura battered fried shrimp. Each of this meal is loaded with starch and surely will make him go to bed early.
The recipe for the cream of tomato is here. This time I add whipped cream for dressing. I could not find my sour cream in the fridge. I swear I bought a tub. Oh! Well...

As for the shrimp, it was really easy. I am using the ready to use tempura batter I bought from the asian store. It came out very crunchy and lightly each time.

I mashed some chopped garlic. Then I mix the garlic into 1/2 stick of salted butter that has been soften into room temperature. Mix them well.
I am using whole wheat bread. I slice the bread open. Spread the garlic butter evenly on cut side. Toast this bread in the toaster oven for 3 minutes. The smell is divine.

Happy eating!


  1. Simple to prepare and must be very yummy, especially the shrimps. I love shrimps tapi dalam rumah ni, mama sorang je yang suka. 3 lawan 1, kesianlah yang 1 tu! Hahaha...

  2. Mama, memang selera masing masing kan. I kekadang masak lain lain sebab nak ikut my craving.

  3. Hi Zue,

    For the garlic spread, you could also add some dried Italian herbs. It makes the garlic bread very flavourful.

  4. k.zu
    suka dgn udang tu. Nanti boleh buat sbb baru beli bread crumb for biskut raya.
    BTW, bebaru ni hubby teringin nak mkn shrimp stix (breaded fried shrimp) kat kfc lepas tengok kat billboard. Tengok gambar macam besar, sekali bila order punya le kecik. Ada le besar ibu jari.. itupun harap tepung je yg lebih!

  5. salam kakzue..leh try nnti menu shrimp nih!mesti yummy!! selamat bersahur ye k.zue..kita br nk merewang memalam nih..hehe!!

  6. Dhill, alahai! Kesian dia dapat shrimp kecik. Lepas ni masak aje kat rumah kak zu berbuka memang kurang ada nasi.kami banyak makan lauk sahaja.

  7. Ina, kalau nak tambah umph and calorie, coat the shrimp with dry coconut flakes.sedap.