Sunday, August 23, 2009

Second Day Ramadan - Fish Assam Pedas, Sweet Potato, Canteloupe and Cold Milo

Second day of Ramadan is little bit tougher to get by. Breakfasting at 7:55 pm today add to the suffering. But somehow, I managed. I started to prepare for dinner around 4:30 pm. I started with cleaning and boil the carrots that I dug out from my garden. I like to boil the carrots with some salt to reduce the tartness of homegrown carrots.
Then I started to prepare ingredients for the fish assam pedas. I am using fish head that I bought from the asian store. The fish head is cut into bite size pieces.

1 lb fish head. (I bought the fish head from the asian store which has been clean and cut into bite size)
2 bell peppers (roast in the oven for 20 minutes at 400 degree F)
2 shallots
2 tablespoon chopped garlic
1 tablespoon turmeric powder
1 cup daun kesum (Vietnamese mint or Vietnamese coriander leaves)
1 tablespoon chopped lemongrass
1 tablespoon shrimp paste
3 tablespoon lemon juice
Salt to taste
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 - 2 cup water

Chop shallots finely.
Roast bell pepper in the oven at 400 degree F for 20 minutes or until the skin is charred. Remove the bell pepper skin. Cut open and remove the seeds. Then finely chop the roasted bell pepper. I am using this roasted bell pepper to replace other vegetable like okra or tomato thta usual added into the fish assam pedas.
Heat a big pot with olive oil on medium heat.
Add onion and garlic and cook until brown.
Add bell pepper and cook for 2 minutes.
Add turmeric powder.
Add chili paste.
Add shrimp paste.
Add ground lemongrass.
Cook until fragrant and slightly dry.
Add fish head. Coat well.
Add lemon juice.
Add 1 cup water. Add more water if you like more gravy.
Add daun kesum.
Add salt to taste. Simmer until fish cook. Turn off the stove and serve warm with white rice.
Next is a super easy Sweet Potato. This one I can serve to honey's plate along with his fried fish and fried shrimp. Yes, I have to cook asian food for myself and honey's simple food.
Sweet potato is so popular in honey's family. I like to cook it fresh using homegrown sweet potato that I can get from the farmer's market. Some people like to use the ready to make sweet potato in a can. I like to control my own sugar content in this meal. Plus, it doesn't take long to cook it.

Here is my ingredients and method:

4 medium size sweet potato
1 cup dark brown sugar
1 cup water
1 tablespoon powdered cinnamon
1 teaspoon powdered nutmeg
2 tablespoon butter

Peel sweet potato and cut into bite size.
In medium size pot, heat water and brown sugar on low.
Add butter.
Add cinnamon and nutmeg.
Add sweet potato.
Simmer until potato is soft. About 20 minutes. Serve warm or cold as side dish.
Sweet cantaloupe. I am using ice cream scoop to cut the cantaloupe into half ball. Chill this cantaloupe in the fridge.

I also serve sweet corn from my garden. I just top it up with butter.

As for the milo for drink, I use 3 tablespoon of milo and dilute it in some hot water. Then I pour milk in the same glass leaving space for my ice cubes. I didn't put any sugar in my milo. If you like your milo sweeter, you can add 1 tablespoon sugar. Milo is my favorite drink since I was young. I can drink it hot or cold.


  1. Hmmm that boiling carrot with a bit of salt sounds good to me. Makan dengan asam pedas.. macam East meets West pulak ye... Sepinggan nasi berlauk tu nampak sedappppp sangat... maklumlah kan, dah tengah tengahari macam ni... hehehe...

  2. Perut I lapar when I see all the food you cooked. Asam pedas sounds great. I still have 2 ekor ikan kembong. Maybe I should cook some asam pedas and makan dengan nasi panas panas :)

  3. Zue, buka puasa on that side is at 7.55 ke? walawei. and i thought 7.35 is bad.

  4. Mamafami, memang sedap makan carrot rebus ni. Easy to chew coz it is tender.

    Gert, it has been too long since the last time I makan ikan assam pedas. You tengok resepi I, I am using roasted bell pepper. It was delicious. But susah la masak this much. I cannot finish it all. Kan on diet sekarang ni. So, my fridge end up full. Tomorrow trash day, I better sort things out.

    Farina, lucky you buka earlier few minutes. Masak apa hari ni?

  5. zue, singgah2 lah facebook kalau nak tau apa i masak semalam. lol.