Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fourth Day Ramadan - Roast Beef Sub and Dragon Fruit

I am doing well so far with the fasting ritual. No food and drink from sunrise to sundown. Today is the 4th day and still counting. I was extremely sleepy during the day but that was because I slept late at night. I've got to watch Malaysian movie on youtube before I doze off.
Around 6 pm, after taking a few minutes of nap, I went outside and start raking the grass that honey had cut last night. Trash is coming tomorrow morning, so I want to put the grass bag out for them to pick up. I was tired, not hungry though, it was a weird feeling. I slowly rake the grass. I already yipping yapping at honey for leaving the hardest job to me. Raking the grass by hand is not fun nor easy. His excuse for not able to help me is his allergy, the common reason people give when they cannot go outside. But I understand him. His allergy is really severe.
Luckily the cloud was hovering on the sky. There are some breeze. Overall, I managed to rake the grass in the front yard. I cannot do the back yard and will leave it at that.
After hard labor work in the yard, I decided not to cook today. So, we both had sandwich for our breakfasting meal. I had this beautiful dragon fruit along side my meal.
Thanks to Keats The Sunshine Girl for giving me the courage and inspire me to try this exotic looking fruit. I bought this dragon fruit from the Asian store. It cost me $4 for just this one fruit. But the taste is good that I would not mind splurge a bit. All I can taste is the seeds. It was not hard and crush easily in my mouth. The white flesh is refreshing. Not sweet nor sour. It was just right.
I use spoon and scoop out the flesh. Actually the flesh can comes right off from the skin when you push the skin back.
Happy fasting!


  1. Hi Zue,

    A little tip in selecting yummy dragonfruits - choose those that are big and round. The rounder the dragonfruit, the sweeter they are.

    Also, if you have a juicer and a blender at home, you can juice some honeydew and then blend the juiced honeydrew with the dragonfruit. The combination is very delicious.

  2. Pebbles, thanks for the tip on the dragon fruit. I can try that the next time I bought this fruit. Do I blend both fruits together in the blender?

  3. Hi Zue,

    The honeydew is quite tough and as such, it would be advisable to juice it first using a juicer. Thereafter, you can mix the honeydew juice with the cut dragonfruit in a blender and blend the honeydew juice with the dragonfruit.

    Sometimes I add a bit of lemon juice when blending and it goes very well too.