Sunday, June 21, 2009

Homegrown Lettuces with Burger on Father's Day!

Lately I have been dreaming about my grandmother. I jumped to the phone and found out that she is in good health. What a relief! My grandmother must have been missing me then. I cannot wait to see her next year.

My body was aching again yesterday. My coworker invited me to her cook out party after 4 pm. So, I took the time in the morning to do some groceries shopping. Costco gave coupon book this week and I must get some of the items for the household. After groceries shopping, honey had to take the car for inspection. I am glad I decided not to go with him. I took a long shower to wash away the weak feeling. I don’t know why I feel sluggish. After shower, I got ready for the cook out party. I fell asleep the whole time until honey came home from the car dealer. As usual every time coming back from the car inspection, honey will blame all the car problems on me. He said I have been driving the car in a short distance, slow, use the brake a lot that the pipe (who knows what pipe he was talking about) did not get the chance to dry.
"Yea...dry from what?..."
And he also said that I drive badly that the brake need replacement. Everything cost us $1k. I said to him, " Just paid with your credit card".

This morning as early as at 7:30 am, I went to the garden, plot B. The weather was cloudy. I thought it was going to rain. So, I quickly pull out whole lot of area of weeds. I transplanted the rest of the acorn squash and the marigold that I bought last week. By 9:00 am I was already at the flea market. Not many vendor at the flea market today because they thought it was going to rain. After talking to my ex-coworker, she is now one of the vendors; I walked around and bought some sweet potatoes and egg plant.
Above is the picture of my lettuces that I harvested today. I have black seeded simpson loose leaves lettuce, romaine cos island lettuce and buttercrunch lettuces. Are you able to spot each type of lettuce from the picture above?
Above is the loose leaves black seeded simpson lettuce. The leaves are light pale green. This lettuce is very tender and has a little bit tangy. Not bitter anymore because they receive lots of rain this season.
Here is the romaine cos island lettuce. I like this lettuce because it is crunchy and very sweet.
Aha! My first time ever growing buttercrunch lettuce. This lettuce is super crunchy and super sweet. I was afraid at first that this lettuce is not going to make me happy. Most commercial grower will grow this type of lettuce in a controlled green house or grow it with hydroponic technique. The reason being was that this lettuce need lots of water and susceptible to bugs and cabbage worms. But I am very happy with this lettuce. Not only that it is crunchy and sweet, it doesn't have any worms at all. But there are some of this lettuces have been eaten by rabbit. Bad rabbit!This is not lettuce but it is spinach. Yes, lots of spinach to build a strong bone.
So, I use some of the lettuces in my burger. I also use texas toast cut bread as my hamburger bun. I like to spread my bun aka bread with mayo and some hot and sweet chili sauce. I add a layer of the lettuces.
I hope you will enjoy celebrating your father's day and Happy father's day to all!
Honey and I are going out to dinner and then to the movie to celebrate his special day. I didn't buy him any present.


  1. Hi I am happy that I am the first one to comment.I have enjoyed your blog very much since I discovered it last month
    Thanks for your blog.. it's greatly done and keep up the great work!

  2. Wow...the vegetables are lovely, I love it!

  3. Cilantro, thank you for dropping a few words in my site.

    Jean, we could have a nice picnic by the garden. The weather will be very hot soon.

  4. Zue, all your lettuces look so big and healthy. I am sure it taste so fresh and crunchy.

  5. Geramnya tengok sayur sayur yang hijau tuuu

  6. Zue your lettuce is really huge and green!! now you remind me to check my vegetable garden tomorrow..been raining and busy for the last few days don't have the chance to take a good look at my garden..

  7. k.zu,
    buttercrunch tu similar macam butterhead ler.. tp klu butterhead tu rasanya ada pahit2 sikit.