Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fried Plantain

Plantain is a type of banana that most people use in cooking. Here in my area, plantains are sold at a cheap price. I normally get a big size of plantain 3 for a dollar.
When the plantain is ripe and soft, I like to cut it and coat the plantain with turmeric, salt, and rice flour batter.
For today, I decided to slice the plantain thinly and deep fry it just like that.
The plantain is still in greenish skin. I just removed the skin.
Do not wash or wet the plantain so that the plantain turn crisp.
I use slicer to slice the plantain super thinly.
Fry the plantain in frying pot with about 1 inch of olive oil on high heat. Stir until plantain turn nicely golden.
Sprinkle some salt on the plantain for flavor.
This plantain is very crunchy.


  1. I like my plantian really ripe and soft. They are really sweet. I never try it this way before.

  2. Gert, you are right.the yellow one is very sweet. Next time you see the green plantain, you can try this.

  3. k.zu,
    dah lama tak buat kerepek pisang.. asyik beli je. .. or amik free je kat meja orang!!!

  4. salam k.zue..wat kerepek pisang nih senang je kan?? tapi bila penyakit M sudah sampai..semenye jd hampesss!!

  5. Dhill, kerepek pisang memang sedap makan sambil keja. Here, I can buy fried banana crisp at the store. They sell it either with salt or sweet.

    inahar ali, nak buat cemana, teringin nak makan yang fresh punya pasal. Terpaksa la buat sendiri.