Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blogger award from Inahar_Ali

Thanks to Ina for this lovely award. It has been fun knowing blogger friends. Now I would like to pass this award to all bloggers who know me. Please reward yourself with this award. Keep blogging!


  1. I grabbed this award and posted it in my blog. Hehe ;)


  2. Menaka, not a problem as long as you link it back to me. How's your baby doing? Do you get much sleep?

  3. Baby's doing fine; he's getting very strong. I mean, he makes his whole body stiff everytime he cries, everytime we change his diaper etc :P

    As for sleep, nope, it's been a month since I had my 8-hour sleep. I sleep for a couple of hours here and there. But my body is getting adjusted to this new sleeping 'disorder' :P

    But people say things will get better. So, I'm waiting...waiting and waiting...