Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jack Fruit Drink

Sometimes I just wanted a drink that come right out of can. This is a jack fruit or in bahasa we say Nangka. This jack fruit is drench in sweet syrup and imported from Thailand. I bought this can of sweet jack fruit from the Asian store near to my house.
I took out about 3 big chunk of jack fruit and place it into my glass. Then I pour in some of the sweet juice. The rest I top the glass with some ice cubes and cold water. Give it a stir and walla! The sweet drink is ready.
I don't have liquor in my house. You could pour some of it into this sweet drink and create a nice cocktail drink. You could also add club soda. I store the rest of the jack fruit into a plastic container in the refrigerator. If you keep it in the can, the juice will turn sour. Metal is not a good medium to be left in the juice for a long time.


  1. k.zu,
    klu cuaca panas mmg best ni. Selalu kat sini org buat desert or mkn mentah je.. tak pernah lagi nampak buat air..(or saya je yg tak perasan).

  2. Dhill, this jackfriut is very Sweet. It sits in syrup. I see some Asian here eat the fruit with steamed glutinous rice.

  3. k.zu,
    citer pasal pulut ni, saya mmg le 'hantu' pulut.. especially klu mkn dgn kari telur, pekasam or pengat durian. Teringin jugak nak try makan dgn mangga & santan mcm kat sebelah kedah/perlis or siam tu.. klu dgn jackfruit saya tak pernah nampak lagi.

  4. wah.. nangka dalam tin nampak segar gitu... Mmmm minuman nangka, bole saya cuba recipe Zue berbuka nanti. :)

  5. Dhill, you like steamed glutinous rice. Then you can try serve it with jackfruit sweet and creamy sauce. I think the food is popular among Viatnamese.