Monday, February 23, 2009

Bitter Gourd and Shrimp

Growing up I am used to eat bitter gourd. As the name is, bitter gourd or peria in Malay language, is a bitter vegetable. There must be a reason why God make this gourd taste bitter but edible to the human. I am not a nutritionist nor a scientist to study the benefits of this vegetable. But I think this vegetable is loaded with antioxidant and vitamins.

I try to eat healthy and this vegetable is at the top of the list. I am blessed with this vegetable. It is easy for me to buy bitter gourd here near to my house.
For this recipe, I must thank to Kak Ezza for her idea. The salt from tauchu add a nice saltiness taste to the shrimp and the bitter gourd. For bitter gourd lover, you must try this simple recipe.
1 cup chopped bitter gourd - Too much of bitter gourd will make this dish too bitter. I keep it low at 1 cup.
2 cups shrimp - cleaned and devein. I leave the tail on.
1/2 cup chopped red onion
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
1 tablespoon sambal olek - blend chili paste
2 tablespoon tauchu - preserved and salty soy beans
1 tablespoon tamarind juice
2 tablespoon olive oil for cooking

In a sauce pan, heat olive oil on medium. Fry chopped red onion until translucent. Then add chopped garlic. Stir well for 1 minute. Then add chili paste. Stir for 1 minute. Add tauchu and tamarind juice. Mix well. Then add shrimp. Half way cook, add bitter gourd. Stir well. Cook for about 5 minutes or until bitter gourd cooked. I don't like my bitter gourd mushy, so I turn off the stove after about 3 minutes.

Serve warm with white rice or in my case, I eat it just like that without the rice. The bitter gourd is bitter as it's name but not too bad when mix with the shrimp. This is really a delicious meal.

Sometimes I eat the bitter gourd fresh on the side.
You can find my other recipe on bitter gourd below:

Tips to reduce bitterness or you can just soak it in salt water for an hour.

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  1. This looks tasty - I think. I've never had bitter gourd, but I like other "bitter" flavors so I'd love to try it sometime!

  2. Fearlesskitchen, what are other bitter food you like? Do you mind to share it here?

  3. I think it has been over ten years since I makan peria...about time I tried to cook it again. Who knows, the rest of the family may eat it now...fingers x.

    BTW My dear friend ~ a surprise awaits you at MY BLOG.