Thursday, January 01, 2009

Oven Fried Chicken

I have some chicken in my freezer that I want to cook. I am trying to cook healthy but at the same time retain the delicious taste of the food. I think I had enough with traditional frying the chicken in deep oil. Although I am using olive oil to fry, and nutritionist will say that it is much healthier than regular cooking oil, but deep fry still add up the trans fat in the blood stream. At the same time, I usually ended up had to throw away so much of the cooking oil after few times using it. So, I decided to try this oven bake fried chicken.
This is my own recipe that I put together using items available in my pantry. You may use any kind of breadcrumbs. For this recipe I used Honey Bunch Oats cereal. Honey Bunch oats cereal has cornflakes, almonds and granola that add to the crunch of this chicken.

6 pieces chicken thighs
2 pieces chicken drumsticks

1 cup half and half
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper crushed

Bread Crumbs:
1 cup Honey Bunch Oats cereal (crushed)
1/2 teaspoon red hot cayenne chilli powder
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon coriander
a pinch of salt

Marinate chicken with half and half (cream), salt and black pepper for about 30 minutes.
Heat oven at 400 degree F.

Prepare baking sheet. I am using a rack to line up the chicken in the baking pan.
Remove and toss chicken.
Roll chicken in the breadcrumbs. Coat well.
Place coated chicken on a baking sheet. Cover with foil.
Bake for 40 minutes. Remove tray from the oven and turn the chicken. Uncover the foil and bake again for another 40 minutes or until chicken cook thoroughly.
Serve warm with mashed potatoes and peas or with warm rice.


  1. I pun kena tukar diet regime jugak le.. klu tak nanti mcm2 penyakit yg dtg.

  2. Zue:
    this oven fried chic really look good.I know what you mean by frying and always waste so much oil later.I try to bake as you these days since we all have excess love handle now!

  3. Zue, I also did fried chicken last night but mine is not the healthy kind compare to yours :) I am sure yours taste really good especially the coating of Honey Bunch Oats Cereal!

  4. Dhill, our health is important. If we eat right, we feel good too. Kak zu kadang tu ketagih fatty food.

    Beachlover, love handle tu like spare tyre ke?

    Gert, I think Murphy must be very hungry or this chicken is good. He ate all the thighs and I ate only 2 drumsticks. Honey bunch oat is very crunchy. Some people use cornflakes.

  5. this recipe is a great! what cream do u use? just a normal cream? i live in ausralia and i dont think we have half and half.

  6. Anonymous, you can use buttermilk.this will tenderise the chicken.

  7. Very colourful and tasty chicken well done it looks delicious....and here you demonstrated how versatile chicken can be. I also like to provide healthy recipes and a the same time economical ..with the credit crunch and all. :)

  8. What a nice crust.. I thought for sure that it was deep-fried.