Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lobster, Crab Meat and String Beans

Last year honey served our dinner with his fried seafood. It was not for special occasion or anything. He just loved seafood.

So this time, honey is serving us with another of his simple seafood recipe.

He boiled the lobster tail that he bought frozen from Costco. Lobster is not cheap at the market but once in a while honey crave for this dish. Along with this simple lobster tail that we dip in hot butter, honey cooked crab meat sauteed with stewed tomato. He also cooked green string beans pan seared with some garlic and black pepper.

My plate was full with these delicious meal. But I could not finish it. Not even the one lobster tail.

Honey also served a glass of smoothie along with this meal. He just blended some ice with berry juice. This blackberry juice is too sweet to my tooth. But I love it.


  1. wah.. bestnya k.zu being pampered macam ni.. nampak sedap sangat!

  2. ooo a seafood meal sounds nice. It's really nice to have someone cooking for you once in awhile =)

  3. Dhill, actually my husband is a better cook than I am.

    pigpigscorner, I am glad no one in my family allergic to seafood. We enjoy seafood very much.

  4. wah zue....sedap nampak! costco memang boleh beli fresh seafood...i suka fresh trout, bakar satu ekor dgn apa2 sambal boleh mengadap sorang2!!