Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mango and Apple Salad

This is a simple fruit salad that I put together. I am using ready made asian prawn sauce brand named Home Sweet Home Sambal rojak. To jazz up this kuah rojak or fruit dressing, I used chunky peanut butter.

I am using a mango and Gala apple. Peel the mango skin and dice it up small. Core and cut the apple into the same size as the mango. I am using the gala apple because it is sweet and having smooth texture. You may use any type of mango or apple for this dish.

You can see from the picture that this fruit dressing is a bit thicker. You can add hot water if you like this dressing a little bit thinner. For me this consistency is perfect because the fruits will extract it's juices when you toss them together.

This fruits salad dressing or kuah rojak as in bahasa is very hot and spicy. My homemade sambal is really hot. I used dried bird eyes chili blended with onion, ginger, garlic and lemongrass. The spicy sambal is cooked on the stove and I let it cool before I store them in the fridge. Each time I cook, I will use a tablespoon of the sambal.


  1. k.zue pakai peanut butter for d dressing ke? mcm mana le rasanya ye..

  2. Zue,
    just looking at your mango salad make me wanna to eat rojak!! aduhi!! my air luir also come out man!

  3. Beachlover, I wish I have cucumber and pineapple. This rojak surely hit.

    Dhill, the peanut butter is crunchy and it tasted like gado gado sambal.

  4. I pun nak buat rojak lah since Diana is here this week. Both of us can makan makan :)

  5. Gert, you are lucky to eat rojak with Diana. I ate my rojak just one bowl by myself. Murphy dengar fruits aje, dia terus geleng kepala. But kalau buat cream cheese + salmon + spinach dipping sauce, laju dia habiskan satu bowl makan dengan tortilla chips. Alahai!...