Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a celebration that I adopt since living in the state. For this year thanksgiving dinner honey and I prepared our usual meal. We cook turkey, potato salad, sweet potato and delicious greens. Above picture is my potato salad that I sprinkle with some paprika as garnish.

Greens...I love my mother in law's greens. But I never learn from her how to make this dish. For this year's thanksgiving, I am giving a try to cook this greens since honey has no confidence cooking it. I bought greens that sold at regular produce market. I forget the name of this delicious greens.
Firstly, I boil about 2 cups of the vegetables stocks. Then I add few pieces of those delicious cooked turkey meat. I seasoned the broth with salt and pepper. I also add a bit of sweet soy sauce. Once I am satisfied with the taste of the broth I add the greens that I have cleaned and cut into bite size. Cover the pot and let the greens cooked down for about 10 minutes before I turn off the heat.

Walla! Our turkey is done. This turkey is rubbed with some spices that smells so good. Honey used spices that I bought from the store called Sweet Mixed Spices. There are coriander, cinnamon, caraway,dill, fennel, ginger, clove,turmeric and nutmeg mixed in this spice packet.

My nephew is asking for more of my sweet potato. yippea!
I forgot to take a picture of my sweet potato. Everyone loved it. I made it very simple, just sweet potato mixed with brown sugar and lots of butter.


  1. kak zue,
    terliur tengok turkey tu..nak try le recipe sweet potator tu.


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