Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spicy Anchovies and Eggs - Sambal Udang dan Telur

Finally I get to reinvent my signature spicy anchovies. I added hardboiled eggs to this anchovies sambal.

I used the red cherry hot pepper for this anchovies and egg sambal. I find this hot pepper to be very tasty and the color remain bright red in my cooking. The taste is absolutely delicious and make me to want more.

Remove the seed and blend this together with garlic, onion, ginger, lemongrass and dried anchovies. Cook this blend with 2 tablespoon of olive oil until the oil come to the surface with medium heat. Let it cool down and store this in small container. Then freeze or fridge it until ready to use in your cooking.

Of course if your are from south east asia and you can get red chili, green chili, or chili boh then please use that.


  1. org kata, org johor pandai masak sambal tumis.. mesti kak zu punya pun sedap yek!
    Saya tak pernah dpt buat sambal bilis yg sama rasa all the time. mesti berubah2... ni nak kena menuntut lagi nih..

  2. dhill, dulu kat kampong boleh la sedap. Datang sini dah tak sedap. Baik jugak kenal Gertrude. Macam macam I belajar dari dia. I keep on trying. Now dah jumpa chilli Yang sesuai dengan right anchovies. Lega.

  3. Hi Zue, luv spicy anchovies & eggs sambal. it is one ofmy most favorite comfort food. my sambal does not look (or even taste) as good as yours. mind sharing the recipe?

  4. SweetBites, no. I don't mind. I will update the page this evening with the details. Where do you live by the way?

  5. Oh, so you blend the anchovies in with the chillies? I thought they were left whole. But what do I know?

  6. Hi Zue,
    Wow...ur sambal ikan bilis and telur make me laparlah!!! Is the red chilies hot pepper from Mexico??? mmmm....macam nvr c b4. Happy Cooking with warmest regards!!!