Friday, September 26, 2008

Hometown Fried Rice - Nasi Goreng Kampung

I always love Nasi Goreng Kampung. It is quick to cook and taste so delicious. I can eat it just like that or eat it with other side dishes like spicy anchovies sambal, shrimp sambal, chicken or beef.

What you need are:

2 cups cooked rice, I am using basmathi rice. You could use any white rice.

1 cup dried anchovies (remove the head)

1 medium yellow onion

5 hot small chilli or also known as chili padi.

1 egg

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tablspoon olive oil for cooking

In a skillet or wok, heat olive oil on medium heat. Then sautee onion, chilli and anchovies.
Cook until onion translucent and anchovies fried. The smell of this mixture is so great.
Then add rice. Stir it and coat everything well.
Then add an egg in the middle of the skillet. Stir well and coat the whole rice. Salt and pepper to taste.
I garnish this fried rice with slices of cucumber and sweet peppers. Serv warm.


  1. Nasi goreng....yummmm.

    Cicah sambal belacan? Lagi enak!

  2. Vg, memang sedap nasi goreng kampung ni. Makan sepinggan nak tambah lagi.

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  4. Where do you get your anchovies at? My Dad brings it home to my Mom whenever he comes back from work in Singapore. :) I use the Japanese anchovies... not the same though.

  5. Nafisa, I bought the anchovies from the Asian store near my house. It is made from china though. But I love the texture and taste. Do you have Asian store where you live?

  6. Nafisa,
    Send email to me at if you want me to mail you some of the anchovies.

  7. Oh that's really nice of you Zue. But the next time I go back to the parentals I'll try to get some. However if we ever ran out I know who to call. :) Thanks Zue!

  8. Hi Kak Zue,

    Your nasi goreng look so yummy! Tetiba rasa lapar nie..hehe