Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ketupat Palas

I brought this ketupat palas from Malaysia.

Boil it in water for about 1 hour. I stir it every 10 minutes.
I don't have any side dish to eat this delicious "lemang" taste with other than my steak.


  1. Zue, how do you like the ketupat palas. I like the texture and taste but not too much of the smell.

  2. Zue,how come I didn't see Nona brand ketupat in that packet when I was in KL??.Mana lu beli tu ketupat?.Aiyoooo...rugi la tak beli when I was there*sob sob*

  3. Gert, I suka the lemang. Sedap makan dengan your serunding daging.

    beachlover, I beli kat supermarket BP Mall. Ada macam-macam style and perasa. Macam giler I tengok tapi tak larat nak bawak. :-(

  4. never knew they have ketupat palas segera nowadays. hehe. gotta get somebody to send them over for raya!