Saturday, September 08, 2007

Popiah Basah (Dry Popiah)

I bought the popiah basah wrapper from NYC. Thanks to Gert for her sharp eyes to look for this wrapper. I thawed the wrapper for few hours in the fridge.

Firstly, I fried 4 pieces of firm tofu in a pan. Becareful when you fry this tofu as the hot oil will splatter. Once cooked, I cut it lengthwise and cool it together with the corn and sweet potato mixture.

The sambal is just a mixture of chilli sauce, tomato sauce and 1 ripe fresh tomato. I warm the fresh tomato in the microwave for 1 minute. Season to taste.

In separate pan, I cooked corn and shredded sweet potato. I used vegetarian cube for seasoning. Yes, my popiah basah is having non traditional filling such as jicama(sengkuang), carrot and cucumber. I don't have those vegetables in the kitchen today. I let the filling cool down after I drained them.

This popiah wrapper is great though it was hard to lift each piece at first. They are very thin and fragile. It came with 26 pieces in a box. I packed in the freezer the left over of the wrapper.
I spread the sauce and then add the filling. I fold both side first before I roll it.


  1. Ohhh, teringin nak makan popiah basah yang dijual dalam bulan Ramahdan.. Kat pasar malam, bila Cath tapau lauk tunjuk-tunjuk, mesti beli popiah basah... Sedap.

  2. Zue, so is this the right popiah skin? Does it taste the same like the one kat Malaysia? If is the same the next time I pun nak beli :) Sedap tak popiah dengan sweet potatoes?

  3. Kak Zue,ooohhh!! banyak yea buat popiah,boleh habis ka?.I notice you like to cook vegetarian.It's all your vege's from your garden?

  4. Sorry for the late reply. My internet connection went down these past few days.

    Cat Cat, I miss pasar malam, pasar ramadhan and all kind of pasar back home.

    i cook4fun, yes. this is the right skin. and yes, it taste exactly like the popiah basah back home. next you go to NYC, beli ni tau. I pun nak beli lagi.

    beachlover, I didn't finish all the skin. I packed it back into the freezer. Not all vege from my garden. Now dah sejuk, only tomato, peppers, and some beets left. Summer is the best time to cook vegetables since we can get all kind of them at the store.