Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kohlrabi Guacamole Wrap

One morning I didn't have enough time to cook and this was what I made for lunch at work.

I used cooked chicken breast. I matchstick the 1/4 of the kohlrabi after I peeled off the skin. Firstly, I spread the guacamole on the wrap. Then I lined up cut chicken breast and kohlrabi. I heat the wrap on both sides.


  1. Kak Zue,
    I also like chicken wrap.. I think wrap is more healthier than burger. Kalau x ada chicken breast, vege wrap pun sedap, kan? Just like our popiah sayur.. ;)

  2. Zue, the wrap nampak sedap!!! For me i biasa just used tomato, lettuce and chicken saja.

  3. Cat Cat, Ya I thought the same thing too. Wrap is healthier.No oil, not much carb.

    Gert, if you like avocado, you must try this. For me, I bought the meshed fresh avocado at Costco.