Sunday, August 05, 2007


Yes, finally I experience cooking kaya. Thank you Gertrude for showing me how to cook this!
What we used was 10 eggs, 3 cups of sugar, 3 pandan leaves, 1 can of thick coconut milk. The mixture was cooked on low heat gas stove for about 2 hours or so until the mixture cooked. Warning! You need extra extra patient to do this or else you will scramble the egg.


  1. sedapnyaaaaa! but i doubt i can stand in front of the stove for 2 hrs to kacau the mix. :(

  2. PJ, the best way is to find a high chair or stool to sit on. I did the same thing when kacau my dodol.

  3. Kak Zu,
    Cath pernah buat kaya tapi tak jadi.. Not sure why.. Dok kacau depan stove for more than 3 hours. The color stay kuning aje. Something is wrong!

  4. alamak zu, kaki tak penat but tangan pulak penat mengacau. kalau i buat mee goreng 1 kuali besar pun dah letih sbb the stove and kuali is too high for me so i practically had to tip toed. apa nak buat, dah kenit! hahaha..

  5. Cath, you will have to ask Gert for her secret.
    PJ, the kaya is so delicious that penat tangan or kaki tak sampai belakang kira. Actually the kacau tak penat because the batter tu cair, not pekat. Yes, masak mee need more energy to mix them.