Thursday, August 09, 2007

Japanese noodle

This is what I cook for lunch at work yesterday. The Japanese noodle was suggested by Gertrude. I cook it mamak style with lots of oyster sauce, soy sauce, a bit of sasame oil, salt, pepper and tomato ketchup. The edamame beans was delicious. Thank you Gertrude for your suggestion. I must say, you do know your food. The okra was from Gert's. Yes, I will have to keep cooking the okra befor eit turn bad. Thanks once again to Gertrude for her generousity.
The red onion, pepper and romaine lettuce came from my garden. I am very happy with my red onion even though they are small. They are tasty and make my cooking aromatic and super delicious.


  1. Never had japanese noodles before but would love to try someday. The pictures looks soo.. YUM YUM!

  2. Zue, the noodles looks really good. Macam our Hokkien mee saja with plenty of kicap hitam :)I belum lagi masak my okra.