Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Agar-agar Kering Rainbow (Dried Rainbow jelly)

1 packet of 50g agar-agar
1 packet of 400 grams rock sugar (gula batu)
1 cup powdered sugar
A dash of rose water
2 pandan leaves
8 cups water
Red, Green, and yellow food coloring

Soak agar-agar in water for few minutes. Toss dry. In a pot, boil agar-agar, water, powdered sugar, rock sugar and pandan leaves. Dash a bit of rose water. Strain agar-agar in 4 bawla and each bowl dash 4 drops of food coloring. The last bowl just leave it as it is. Let it cool at room temperature until it hardened. Using zig zag knife, cut the agar-agar(jelly) into 1 inch strip.

To make rainbow agar-agar, mix all the hard and cut agar-agar to heat in microwave at 350F degree for 10 minutes. Let it cool again. Then cut it into 1 inch strip. Let it caramelize. I am using the oven at "warm" temperature for about 20 minute. Let it air dry for several days.


  1. Tht is nice. I made sumthing like these for Raya. Used rock sugar and normal castor sugar though. My arwah nenenk used to make these and she calls it "agar2 liat" I was wondering, wat difference wld it bring if I used powdered suagr instead. Hows E texture like?

  2. Maya, powdered sugar may not be able to make it "liat" or hard like rock sugar (gula batu).

  3. Hi Zue. Selamat Hari Raya. TQ for the recipe. I have tried your Agar2 kering & posted on my blog. It turned out great. I have also link you as my blog friend. Come & visit my blog and get to know each other.


  4. AlongRoz, selamat hari raya. I am glad your agar-agar kering turn out good. Banyak makan kuih raya?